Is lasting love for all?

I’m starting to think that love is not for all of us… Yes for sure I have loved and yes there has been men in my life. Good man that said they loved me. But still here I am. Lonely somewhere in middle of life. Not very old, but not young anymore. Can it be that some of us just happens to always fall for the wrong ones? Either they’re not very good men or they are good but life is just wrong at the moment, impossible to be together. Is love for all? Is lasting love for all? I don’t think so. Maybe some of us are destined to love but always knowing it won’t last.

There are men in my life, men that are no longer around but I still love them. Men I had to leave cause things just weren’t meant to be, but the love was there then, and it still is? Am I one of them destined to feel so much, and love so much but there will never be that one person for me – the one til the end? I’m starting to believe that. It hurts me, it breaks me, it makes me cry… But maybe it’s my destiny? I need to think about this, cause then it means that I can love unconditionally without thinking of tomorrow, cause there are none…


Author: inatflammacardiablog

In at flamma cardia It´s all about love - In the fire of my heart.

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