Is there a right way, to go on?

Ok, I admit that it was me who called this off. I did it and yes I meant it… Still, how the hell am I gonna let you go? I can’t imagine life go on without you in it. Still all the same reasons still exists! You live there, me here. You very young, I’m older. Me, not seeing myself move there, you can’t see yourself here. And even so… in some years the age different will remind itself over and over, til we start to hate each other. I cant do that. I think its better to let go of you now my love, while we still feel love and not hate.

But how do you let go of someone when you love them? When they didn’t do anything to hurt you, upset you, break you… When all they did was beautiful and tender… Oh my, is there a right way to do this? Is there a manual? A handbook for love, or even better A handbook for impossible love. For love that shouldn’t have been in the first way?

But I can’t regret I let this happen… I can’t think that it would have been better if we never had met. Even though this hurts like hell right now it has been some of the best days in my life… The best days. I would do it all over again. It’s just this – the ending, how do we do it? I don’t know and if I did know… I guess there would still be a lot of mistakes. Handbook in love, what a load of crap.


Author: inatflammacardiablog

In at flamma cardia It´s all about love - In the fire of my heart.

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