Impossible call

I won’t call you no more. I want to, but I wont… Cause thing is that it just hurts to much right now. I can still feel you holding my hand, looking in to my eyes, touching my skin, kissing my neck… Your voice when you say my name, the smell of you.

I can’t call you no more cause I have to protect myself. I told everyone that I could do this. That I knew about the obstacles like age, distance, culture… That I was just going to enjoy the moment and leave it to that. But I can’t do it! I thought I was strong, but I was naive… Even though I should have some experience in life and love by now I didn’t know… Or did I? Did I just want it to much?

Anyway, I wont come to see you no more… There is no we – it never were…


Author: inatflammacardiablog

In at flamma cardia It´s all about love - In the fire of my heart.

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