Eyes can tell

When you looked in to my eyes that night I knew you had things you wanted to say. I could feel all through my body that you felt exactly what I felt for you. But we had that agreement – no feelings involved. Lets just meet and spend time together for as long as we both want to.

Living so far away from each other that seemed like a fine agreement. The thing is I feel for you, hard and a lot. I love you. I can never tell you and still, that night I saw in your eyes that you love me to. But you will never say those words to me. Just feel them…

So I left you, got on a plane and flew back to where I’m from. But my heart stayed in your house. Its laying there next to you in bed, as close as can be. My heart is with you and though you don’t know… I know that you do, the same way I feel your heart is here with me now.


Author: inatflammacardiablog

In at flamma cardia It´s all about love - In the fire of my heart.

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